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My association with AAHAM opened the doors for certification in India a decade back. India started work on Revenue Cycle Management as an off-shore offering, around 1995. The training provided was basic medical billing and more client specifics. This led us having a tunneled vision (internet access was absent and access to knowledge was limited) on the work we performed. Slowly we developed more training material and expanded our knowledge but still there were limitations. In 2004, Rose M Dunphy opened our world to quality training material and certifications both on the professional and Institutional technical exams by helping set up the AAHAM Chennai Chapter in India. I was one of the privileged few to take the CCAT in the first exam conducted in India and the pass percentage was over 90% since there was excitement and most of the leaders took the exam with great enthusiasm. Thus my journey began with AAHAM as President and as Certification Chair of the local chapter.

Once I obtained my CPAT & CCAT, my next goal was CPAM. This was an 8 hour paper exam and I had to practice writing continuously on paper to prepare myself for the written exam. The content in the PFS guide provided was exhaustive and extremely informative. It opened the world of US Healthcare in whole gamut and I have found the knowledge thus acquired come in handy in my career.

Since the opening of the chapter, certification has been the main forte of the chapter and thousands of candidates have benefited from the technical certifications in performing the day to day operations and moving up in their careers. A few of them tried their hands on the CCT and found the experience highly enriching.

Now there is a huge interest on taking up CRCS and CRCE certification exams. Organizations use these credentials to promote their staff. Candidates who have obtained various certifications have found it a stepping stone to a rewarding professional growth and knowledge enhancement.

We may have our first candidate take up CRIP this year!

Kudos to AAHAM for being a pioneer in certification in India!

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