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News from the CRCS-I/P Committee

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We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the ANI in San Diego.

Our committee has been hard at work reviewing the CRCS tests and study guide.  We've taken a lot of time to review the pass rates by individual questions to insure compliance and accuracy.  We've reviewed questions that had a pass rate of less than 50%.  We first check to make sure the material is in the study guide. We then review how the question is worded and if thee's an easier more straight forward way to ask the question.  Our intent is certainly not to trip anyone taking the exam, but simply to insure the integrity of the exam.  This was no easy task but a rewarding experience.

I've had a great team to work with this year, Heather Bode, Sandy Peffer and Mary Edwards.  I also add a special thank you to Amanda and Maria at the National AAHAM office for supporting us as well as our Senior Leader, First VP, John Currier.


Doris Dickey, CRCE-P

National CRCS Certification Chair


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