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Traveling Down The Road of Certification Success

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Have you ever stopped at a four way intersection? If you answered yes, then you know that you have three options that you can take. You can turn right, you can go straight ahead, or you can turn left. Now imagine for a moment that at each of these intersections are turns that you can take to advance and further your career in healthcare. Thanks to AAHAM, you can turn right and become technically certified, you can chose to go straight ahead and become professionally certified or you can turn left and become executively certified.   Whatever choice you decide puts you on the path to achieving healthcare excellence in your field. The knowledge that you will acquire from studying and taking the certification exams will show how proficient you are in the revenue cycle field.

How smart are you? Do you think you know the answers to the following healthcare questions?

What is the purpose of an EMR?

What is the difference between a LCD and a NCD?

What is the use of an Initial Enrollment Questionnaire?

Whether you know or don’t know the answer to these questions doesn’t matter.   Why? Because National AAHAM is now offering CRCP webinars to assist individuals who want to take the professional exam and for individuals who just want the educational experience.

During the webinar, an overview of the CRCP exam will be discussed to include the number of test questions, the scores needed to successfully pass, and the format of the exam. In addition to the overview, each section of the CRCP topics will be reviewed as well.

I am excited to announce that the following CRCP webinar series starts next week.

The following dates are scheduled for the CRCP Webinar series.

 September 11, 2014                1:00 - 2:30 EDT                      Patient Access

September 25, 2014                1:00 - 2:30 EDT                      Billing

October 9, 2014                      1:00 - 2:30 EDT                      Credit & Collections

October 23, 2014                    1:00 - 2:30 EDT                      Revenue Cycle Management

You can go to the National AAHAM website at to register for this event.

The certification committees work hard to bring the best in certification to you.   If there is an area or topic in healthcare that you would like for us to consider for certification or an area for general discussion, please let us know. We can only be successful when we join together to review, discuss and promote the healthcare field. Our success depends on you!


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