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What is admirable about AAHAM Certification?

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Heading into my 9th year as Certification Chair for National AAHAM, I am reminded how blessed I am for being asked to serve in this position. Is it hard? Absolutely it is. The reason is because the certification chairs work there very best to provide the healthcare community with a certification product to be proud of it. As much as I would like to take all the credit for the certification programs and its success, the truth is I cannot. Myself and the other certification chairs, Erin Selin and Doris Dickey, owe a huge portion of our success to our committees, the National AAHAM Executive Board, and the National AAHAM office.

Over the years, I have met many wonderful AAHAM members who have served on my committee. It amazes me how knowledgeable, passionate, determined and compassionate they are and everyone in the organization is about AAHAM certification. They understand the needs of our healthcare members and the ability to be able to show the designation and growth possibilities that can be used to advance in higher job opportunities.

One of the most important things that AAHAM is continually doing is being innovative and growing the certification programs based on the reaction to the healthcare environment around us. What we are learning today may be some things that were never considered 10 years ago. It is that drive and determination that makes AAHAM certification special. Earning an AAHAM certification positions us as a leader and front runner in the healthcare industry. It shows that we possess a high level of achievement and knowledge in the work that we do.

Achieving the forward motion needed to be successful; we will soon be offering our newest certification, the Certified Revenue Integrity Professional. This will be an opportunity to show that you have the knowledge and skill set to perform revenue cycle functions. The certification committee has been working diligently to provide a comprehensive manual on charging, the CDM and documentation. But guess what? Even through all of this work, we don’t mind because we know that it is only going to enhance your job growth, your advancement opportunities and that it will continue to make AAHAM the organization designated for healthcare certification.

Hurray to those thinking about getting certified.   Hurray to those that are certified. Hurray to continued growth. Most importantly, hurray to AAHAM.

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