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Achieving Certification Excellence in Healthcare

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One of the best ways to prove your knowledge in today’s healthcare industry is by becoming certified in healthcare revenue and integrity.   To assist with all of your certification needs, AAHAM has developed numerous certifications that aid all levels of associates in the healthcare field.  The various levels are composed of the CRCE – Certified Revenue Cycle Executive, the CRCP – Certified Revenue Cycle Professional, the CRCS - Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist and the CCT – Certified Compliance Technician.


The CRCE is a certification exam designed for director and senior level of management. This exam is the highest level of difficulty of any certification offered.  The examinee will need to possess knowledge in various aspects of healthcare and be able to proficiently respond to short answer, essay and manual calculation questions.  An 8 hour exam, this certification is chaired by Erin Selin.


The CRCP is a certification exam designed for managers and supervisors. This certification is a great stepping stone to prepare someone to reach the executive level of certification.  This certification is comprised of multiple choice and true and false questions only.  A 4 hour exam, this certification is chaired by myself, Brenda Chambers.  This is AAHAM’s newly formed certification program and we are excited to offer it to our members.


The CRCS and CCT are designed for front line staff and those interested in the compliance aspect of healthcare.  This is a 2 hour exam that consists of multiple choice questions. This certification is chaired by Doris Dickey. 


Just when you think certification through AAHAM cannot get any better.  Guess what?   It does!  I will let you in on a little secret that will be revealed at the ANI in San Diego in October.   A new certification will be announced.  That’s right, you heard me… a new certification.  For the first time ever, AAHAM will be offering a certification in Revenue Integrity.   This will also be a 4 hour multiple choice exam that will fall under the Professional Certification.   Here are some of the areas that will be covered during this exam:

                  Chargemaster Maintenance                   Radiation Oncology

                  Evaluation and Management Levels       Injections and Infusions

                  Wound Care                                        Supply Charging

                  Modifiers                                             Transplant Charging

                  Trauma                                                Lab Services  




While the manual covers so much more than the items listed above, you can get an idea of just how educational and informative the material is that will provided.   It will be a wonderful edition to any revenue cycle area.     The first exam for the RI certification will be given in February 2015.    Mark that date on your calendar and make sure that you or your staff is registered to take the exam.   It will be a certification unlike all others.

Heading into my ninth year as certification chair, I continue to admire the AAHAM organization and the way it forges ahead with continuing to improve certification changes.    The best AAHAM has to offer just keeps getting better

If you have any questions related to any certification exam mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me at 804-267-5790 or at   I am always here for you in certification.


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