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Certification Benefits

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This blog was written by Colleen Wentz,, CRCS-I, CCT, CRCP-I,P, CRIP of the AAHAM Washington Inland Empire Chapter who currently serves as the Chapter President and is a member of the Specialist Committee for National AAHAM.


Certification benefits more than just the Business Office and Patient Access.  At Virginia Mason Memorial we have staff that is certified throughout our family of services that includes departments from Information Systems, Utilization Review, Contracts Reimbursement, Compliance, outpatient and physician clinics.

It’s been very beneficial with projects to have the revenue cycle expertise.  Having an understanding including terminology helps through the project process in its entirety and not just discussing work flows.   Knowing the cause and effect during decision making is critical to understand the entire revenue process and not making decisions in a silo.  It has made changes much easier when you have the understanding and know who’s to be involved.

Our facility has greatly benefited from our team being certified and encourage others to look at your process improvements and the benefit of having a higher level of knowledge.  It is imperative for staff to understand revenue operations.

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