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Finding Time for YOU

posted on

This month's blog was written by Sandy Peffer, CRCS-I.  Sandy is the President of the AAHAM Ohio Chapter and currently serves as a member of the CRCS National AAHAM Committee.


I don’t know about you, but every day I am either saying “I don’t have time”, or am hearing someone else saying it.

It seems in this fast pace, everything was due yesterday mindset, we forget to schedule time for ourselves.

It may sound selfish ~~ but YOU are your biggest asset.   Nobody else is going to promote you and your talents more than you. 

With that said – when was the last time you took time to advance your knowledge base?  Yea, maybe you went to seminar, or conference for work, but I am talking about YOU – YOURSELF.

One of the most rewarding ways you can increase not only your knowledge base, but your value as an employee, is become certified.  This will not only prove to others you are at the top of your field, it will prove to YOU, you are at the top of your field.

If you already have an AAHAM certification, would it be beneficial in your personal business development plan to take that next step up?  For instance ~~ You are proud of your CRCS-I certification – but, wouldn’t you have more opportunities if you had the CRCE? 

Yes – This takes a LOT of personal commitment to study and sit for the exam.  However, once you pass that exam, you will look back and realize it was well worth it and the only regret you may have is not doing it sooner.

Consider committing time for YOU – YOU deserve it!


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