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Tips To Crack the Certification Exam

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This blog was posted by Maya Mohan of the Chennai India Chapter of AAHAM.  Maya is currently the Chapter President and is a member of the Professional Certification Committee for National AAHAM.



Once you decide to take the exam, contact your local chapter for guidance. Training and coaching opportunities are offered by local AAHAM chapters.

Purchase the Exam Study Manual and review the contents and sort the sections by order of difficulty from your view point.

Calculate the number of days available for preparation and allot timelines for each section

Target the difficult section first and move towards the easy section as the last one. This is because with lot of enthusiasm it will be easy to target the difficult sections first.

Set aside a minimum of 1-2 hours every day depending on the number of days available until the exam and follow this routine diligently.

Don’t miss to attend the section webinars organized by National AAHAM. They are free. Studying the section prior to the webinar will help you in actively participating and deriving value from the webinar.

Take practice sessions after completing each section to test your knowledge

Combined study is a great way in disciplining oneself into following the plan.



Do not apply for the exam when you are indecisive on taking the exam.

Do not postpone your daily preparation plan. This will lead to last minute chaos and possible failure.

Do not miss the opportunity of help / guidance from local chapters.


For those taking the exam, best of luck from the AAHAM Certification team!




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