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Do It For Yourself

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This blog was written by Brenda Fraas, CRCE who is the President of the AAHAM Pennsylvaia Three Rivers Chapter and a member of the Executive Certification Committee


I wrote a blog back in September encouraging staff to do something for themselves and GET CERTIFIED.  I recommended that even if their current employer did not provide study sessions or reimbursed them for expenses, they should still do it for themselves!   Little did I know when I wrote that blog that just a month later my certification would give me a competitive edge when I interviewed for a position with another company.  I realized during the interview that it no longer mattered that my employer did not support me when I took the exam back in 2008, because I could tell the HR representative was very interested in my certification as I explained how I stayed abreast of changes in the healthcare industry, attended local meetings with very educational sessions and have built a very close network of colleagues that I can go to when needed.   Yes, I got the job and proudly display my CRCE Certification on my wall!!!     My advice to all of you is to GET CERTIFIED so you could possibly climb your own career ladder!!!! 

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