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Making The Most Out of Test Time

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This blog was written by Kristina Donahue, CRCE-I; CRCS-I, Executive Chair of Maryland State AAHAM and the Executive Chair for the National AAHAM Organization.


So you are sitting there getting ready to take your exam.  The day has finally come, and all of your studying has led up to this point!   Whether you are sitting for anything from the CRCS all the way to the CRCE, there is a time limit that can panic even the most prepared test takers.   There are a few easy things you can do to make the most out of every second that you have that I would like to share with you today.   Did you know that the exam platform has an option to mark a question to review later?   This is a great tool to keep you from getting ‘stuck’ on a question for too long.   Science says that the questions where answers come to you quickly are generally correct responses and should not be changed.   So if you come to a question that does not come so easy, or you just draw a blank, mark it to review later and move on!  Keep your mind focused on getting through as many of the questions you are confident of the answers to.   Once you are through the section make sure you review all the questions you’ve marked (they are denoted by a *).  Once you’re through the exam you may even have figured out more answers that you were unsure of before!

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