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Certification Excitement Coming in 2017

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This blog was written by Brenda Chambers, Chair of the National AAHAM Professional Certification Member.  Brenda is a member of the Virginia State AAHAM chapter.


Well 2017 is now here and the Certification Team at AAHAM is ready to begin a new and exciting year in certification. There has been one committee member change this year as many chapters held their new elections this year.


The new committee and chairs for 2017 are as follows:


Executive Certification      -   CRCE- I and CRCE - P


            Committee Chair       -   Kristina Mori Donahue – Maryland Chapter

            Members                  -   David Nicholas – Virginia Chapter

                                               Steven Honeywell – Philadelphia Chapter

                                               Brenda Fraas – Three Rivers Chapter         


Professional Certification   - CRCP-I, CRCP-P and CRIP


            Committee Chair    -   Brenda Chambers – Virginia Chapter

            Members               -   Marcy Marquis – Wisconsin Chapter

                                            Bill Majors – Keystone Chapter

                                            Maya Mohan – Chennai Chapter


           Specialist Certification     - CRCS – I, CRCS – P and CCT


            Committee Chair   -   Doris Dickey – Illinois Chapter

            Members              -   Colleen Wentz – Inland Empire

                                           Sandra Pfeffer – Western Reserve Chapter

                                           Heather Bode – Rushmore Chapter


Certification Reporting Officer:


Lori Sickelbaugh – National 1st Vice President - Carolina Chapter



The committee’s always start off the year with goals established by our National President, John Currier. The goals he set for each committee for 2017 are as follows:


To increase certification by the following percentages:


CRCE              20%

CRCP              20%

CRIP               40%

CRCS              30%

CCT                30%


As you can see, we have a big push to increase the number of certifications that we have.   With a team of committed members, there is no doubt that we will be successful.


In 2017, the committees also had to set its own goals for the year.   Here are some of the things we will be doing in 2017:


  • Revisions to all certification manuals

  • Exam question re-writes for each certification

  • Certification Blogs to be done monthly by each Certification committee member

  • Certification Webinars to be given to assist with providing additional information to successfully pass the certification exams. The great news is that National AAHAM has decided to provide the certification webinars FREE in 2017! CEU’s are able to be obtained if they are needed. This applies to all types of Certifications so if you are thinking about getting certified in another area, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to find out more information about the certification programs.

    One of our biggest goals this year is to hold quarterly certification calls with the Chapter Certification Chairs and Presidents. This is a great way for the National Certification team to hear what is happening in the Chapters and it helps us to determine what we can do to better your chapter’s certification program.

    We are excited about the events to occur in 2017 in certification and we cannot wait to share all of the wonderful things about the work we are doing with the certification program.

     So get excited! Certification is getting better and your certification can help you enhance your knowledge, job advancement and networking.

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