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Keep Abreast ....

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This month's blog was written by Maya Mohan, CRCE-I.  Maya is the President of the Chennai Chapter in India and service on the Professional Certification Committee with National AAHAM.


I am a proud holder of erstwhile CPAM, now CRCE-I. I was on top of the world when I passed the 8 hour paper exam way back in 2006. It seemed like a great achievement and it is… However with the rapid changes that happen frequently in Healthcare industry, I realized that I can retain and improve the value of my certification only with continuous industry updates utilizing multiple channels- newsletters / healthcare magazines /webinars / ANI / Medicare Transmittals / forums / blogs etc., I have religiously kept myself updated and this has come in handy in reviewing the training content of manuals, making appropriate changes as required and imparting certification training for candidates in addition to my occupation.

To me getting certified is the beginning of an exciting journey for structured learning and the journey never stops!

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