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Do It For Yourself!

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This article was written by Brenda Fraas, President of the Three Rivers Chapter in Pennsylvania.  Brenda currently serves on the Executive Certification Committee.


I love to hear about organizations that totally support AAHAM certification.  Encouraging staff to get certified, providing time for study sessions, reimbursing for expenses for the exam and the study guides and adding certification as a requirement to job descriptions are all wonderful words to my ears!  When I decided to take the CPAM {CRCE} exam back in 2008, I was not fortunate enough to have the support of my employer.  However, I decided to go for it and am very proud to have the CRCE after my name.  I went for something I wanted and did it for my own satisfaction.  It is something that I will have for as long as I am involved with AAHAM no matter who my employer is.  Do something for yourself and get CERTIFIED!!!!   


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