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Rosie's Rainbow

posted on

This blog was written by Colleen Wentz, CRCS-I, CRCP,I,P, CRIP, CCT.  Colleen is a member of the Inland Empire AAHAM Chapter and current serves as CRCS Certification Committee Member.


You might have seen Rosie Hartmann at the ANI with her rainbow of colors representing every certification AAHAM has to offer.  Rosie has great pride in her hard work and the determination it took to accomplish her goal to achieve every certification.  Coming from a generation that didn’t require a college degree, only knowledge and experience, she valued certification to set her apart.  Her certifications are the reason she was promoted to her latest position and solidified she knew her stuff.  Her passion shines through her encouragement and study sessions she provides.  We are very grateful and proud of what she does for our chapter and representing AAHAM. 



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