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Concerns from an AAHAM Grader

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This blog was written by Kristina Donahue.  Kristina is the National Certification Chair for the CRCE exams and Past President of the Maryland AAHAM Chapter.


It was not until I began grading CRCE exams that I truly realized what my mentors meant when they said to make sure you are clear with the quantitative and short answer questions!   As you gear up to take your exam, test takers should consider not only the content of their answers but also the clarity in which they are conveyed.   As a grader you experience the good and the not so good, and it can be quite hard to find the ‘meat’ of the answer in a messy narrative.   If a grader must search out an answer, the test taker is less likely to get the full credit and we all know that ever point counts!   Consider the type of exam the CRCE is: Executive level.   If a test taker would not feel comfortable sending their answer to their CFO, perhaps it needs a little tweaking.  Clearly spelling out a quantitative and short answer response makes the grading process easy and ensures the grader understands the test takers comprehension of the material.   So if you are considering sitting for the CRCE exam, ensure your answers are full of both content and clarity to ensure you get all the points you deserve. 


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