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Raise the Level - CERTIFY UP!

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This certification blog was written by Bill Majors. President of the AAHAM Keystone Chapter.


Can the CRCS Certification get you a raise or a promotion? At Wellspan Health, certification and promotion go hand in hand (along with another fancy numeral at the end of your title and a monetary increase). Who doesn’t want that?


Currently all entry level billers are given the title of Patient Administrative Services Specialist I. But what if the biller wants to take the next step and move up the ladder? This is where the next fancy numeral comes in…level II! In order to achieve the designation of a level II biller or above, employees must meet all aspects of their current job description as well as the items listed below:


  1. Minimum of 2 years as a Wellspan Patient Financial Services or Physician Billing Services employee. (The only exception to this requirement is if an employee was hired with a current CRCS designation and has a minimum of 2 years’ experience within another healthcare provider.)

  2. CRCS I or CRCS P Certification. Certification must be maintained or employee will forfeit designation and any rate adjustment associated with it.

  3. In addition to certification and experience for level II or above consideration, 4 of the 5 criteria must be completed:

  1. Assisted supervisor with training new staff

  2. Has been assigned a lead role for a project

  3. Has led a process improvement initiative

  4. Has provided a formal presentation at a quarterly departmental meeting

  5. Has accepted additional departmental responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor, i.e. worked special reports on an ongoing basis or cross trained in another area.


    Upon successful completion and approval of the requirements listed above, you will then be considered a Patient Administrative Services Specialist II. But just remember, in order to keep this title and pay increase, the certification MUST be maintained. Good news though, it is only renewed every three years!

    Does your organization offer a program that enhances your knowledge and pay in healthcare? I sure hope that they do. If they do not, this is a perfect opportunity to discuss certification with them.   So what are you waiting for, get certified and raise the level!

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