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Certification Success - Celebrating You!

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This article was written by Sandy Peffer from the CRCS Certification Committee.


So – You Passed your AAHAM Certification Exam ~~ CONGRATULATIONS.

You are probably asking yourself – What do I do now to keep my Certification active, cuz I busted my hump to pass that test!!!


Well – first – Celebrate you!! You deserve to pat yourself on the back, and do something special to commemorate your accomplishment.


After you have celebrated – begin planning on securing your CEU’s over the required period, most have a 3 year period before your certification is due for renewal (this is dependent on your specific certification).


The best way to obtain CEU’s is registering to be a member of AAHAM. National Dues are $190 (unless you are a student, for which the rate is $50). AAHAM offers a multitude of webinars, chapter meetings, and other opportunities to earn CEU’s.

CEUs may be earned as follows:






2.0 Units


Each hour in attendance at an AAHAM sponsored educational program.


1.0 Units


Each hour in attendance at an educational program or class relating to the health care field.


3.0 Units


Authored an article published in a National AAHAM publication.


3.0 Units


Given presentations related to AAHAM, patient accounting or healthcare administrative management (AAHAM related credit given if made at an AAHAM sponsored event or if presenter is representing AAHAM.)


2.0 Units


Authored an article published in an AAHAM chapter publication.

2.0 Units


Each hour coaching an organized executive (CRCE) certification review session.


2.0 Units


Each hour coaching an organized professional (CRCP) certification review session.


   2.0 Units


Each hour coaching an organized specialist (CRCS) certification review session.


1.0 Unit


Each hour proctoring an AAHAM certification exam.


   1.0 Unit


Question, answer and reference material submitted and accepted into the CRCE or CRCP Exam Bank.


1.0 Unit

Each executive exam (CRCE) section graded and returned by the deadline.


   8.0 Units


Attendance at National Legislative Day.

  Please be sure to check the AAHAM website to fully understand the CEU requirements for your particular certification(s). You can find that information at


You do have the option to retake the exam if you do not meet the CEU requirements, but I would imagine, you will do everything in your power to never have to sit through the exam again J


Again – Congratulations – You are the best of the best – you should be proud you have passed the exam and can tell everyone you are AAHAM Certified.


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