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You Are More Than Half Way There!

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This certification blog was written by Steven Honeywell.  Steven is a member of the CRCE Certification Committee.


That’s right! If you are already a Certified Revenue Cycle Executive for either Institutional or Professional billing, you are more than half way toward becoming a member of an Elite group.  –“ Dual Certified”.

You put a lot of work into studying and passing your CRCE exam. BUT, if you really want to establish yourself at an elite level, why not become dual certified for Institutional AND Professional billing.  There are only 33 Revenue Cycle Executives in the entire country that hold a dual certification. Attaining dual certification shows that you have knowledge of  all facets of the revenue cycle.  In this day, where many large physician practices and hospitals are morphing together, having knowledge of both operations makes you very valuable to your organization.

Becoming dual certified not only tells the industry that you are willing to put in the work to attain excellence but it also allows you to gain knowledge that many professionals will never acquire.

So what does it take? You have already passed 4 exams, there are only three remaining,  Registration/Access,  Billing and A/R Management. The collections exam is the same for both sides.

Six hours of exam time separate you from becoming Dual Certified.

Why not go all the way!


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