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Certification: Your Guide To Becoming a Marketable Employee

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This article was written by Heather Bode, Certification Committee member from the Rushmore AAHAM Chapter:


Becoming certified with one of AAHAM’s growing certification options is not only something you can obtain to personally grow as a marketable employee but something that your facility may choose to require you to participate in to ensure security and compliance with federal regulations.  AAHAM offers certifications to all levels of employees in the PFS industry; compliance, front end, middle management and executive levels.  Have you checked out which certification would be best for you or your PFS team?


Most of the levels of certification offer you the ability to focus on professional versus institutional to ensure you are obtaining the certification you need for yourself and position; within those levels you can also become dual certified in professional and institutional billing.  If you need help deciding what would be the best level or certification for your team or you, personally, make sure to reach out to your local chapter’s certification chair for guidance. 


When working on your certification, make sure you take advantage of the resources that National AAHAM and your local chapter offer for study material.  National offers study guides on all examination and a series of webinars for many of the certification exams.  Your local chapter may offer study sessions or learning opportunities throughout the year that you can participate in, as well. These resources are put in place to help you succeed on these tests; make sure you use them. 


There are different ways you can continue on as a certified member of AAHAM once you have taken and passed the examination.  Continuing Education Units can be obtained by the member to prove education was received in areas of compliance and revenue cycle to ensure that that certification does not lapse.  You can choose to not collect CEU (Continuing Education Units) and retake the examination every three years. 


Becoming a certified member of AAHAM gives you a great sense of accomplishment, as the exams are not easy, but it also makes you a valuable member of healthcare organization you work for.  Make sure to look into the different certification options that AAHAM offers and the study resources available.  How would becoming certified help you?



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