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It’s a WRAP/Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist, CRCS

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This blog was written by Doris Dickey, Certification Specialist Chair for AAHAM:


The question asked by most front line staff is “Is it worth putting in all of the work to become certified?” The answer is an absolute yes! 

The National AAHAM certification career ladder has become well known and trusted in our industry. Certification will assist you in showing your expertise and knowledge when you apply for various job openings in healthcare registration, billing and collections.  We find that most individuals in the PFS Revenue Cycle do not have a college degree.  Those of you who do have a college degree, congratulations.  But certification will show your expertise in the business of healthcare.  And, while years of experience may speak well on your resume, a certification can differentiate between who gets the job and who is passed over.  And who gets the raise and who doesn’t.  A certification indicates that you cared enough about your skills to reach out to insure a successful career for yourself.  It gives you an advantage over the candidate that does not have a certification.  It may be just the thing you need to lock in that promotion of greater responsibility or the pay increase you’ve set your mind to.

Now I suspect you’re saying, “I am pleased with my employer and I have no plans to move on.” But, certification can give you the confidence to enhance your own job performance.  You can be a better mentor to coworkers.  Certification indicates to others you are not resting on your laurels, but rather you want to continue to learn new things and stay up to date on your skills.  Your coworkers will have a new level of respect and admiration for you.  Employers will recognize that certification proves you see the big picture.  Employers know you can do a better job in your role in PFS, if you have knowledge and understanding of the other functions of the revenue cycle.

Yes, you’re going to have to work for it and study. You may even have to take the exam more than once.  But the payback will be worth it, even if you’re financing the study time and testing costs yourself.  Invest in your own future.  It’s the first step in “wrapping up” your career.  Once you wrap up the CRCS, I’ve no doubt you’ll have the desire to move up the ladder to the other certification levels.

Contact your local chapter’s certification chair or me to start your journey.

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